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System Engineer Telecom Solutions

Job description

The Operations Telecom Team provides products, systems and solutions for various radio projects for the Belgian railways.

As a System Engineer within this team, you will work in close relationship with the Service Manager and will be responsible for the operational support of the ICT network for the Tier III Motorola DMR project, as well as the Wave PTToC solution.

On the basis of the internal customer needs and operational purpose you will manage the different network elements and the existing railway connectivity to the data center where the Core Network is virtually hosted. This backbone network includes also different external interfaces like Gateways, DMZ, OSS/Monitoring, firewalls, routers, Internet, ...

Your job responsibilities include the follow-up of the supplier regarding evolutionary maintenance and the roll-out of new software releases on all Core components (Controllers, Gateways, OSS, PTToC applications, ...). You conduct test and deploy new features after evaluation in your test bed including FAT's, POC's and/or Pilots. The provisioning of the services also falls under your responsibility with a particular attention to the MDM and OTA components.

You will perform basic troubleshooting of the core and radio network connections and its devices and create appropriate tickets with the providers, e.g. Infrabel, for in depth troubleshooting

Development of procedures and work instructions to the technical people in the field. Giving training if necessary (e.g. Monitoring Center at software release).

You will also assist in various projects concerning IoT, industrial endpoints M2M and voice solutions.


  • Master in Telecom/Network with minimum 4 years’ experience working in IT/Telecom infrastructure environment
  • Experience with several designs and integration
  • Ability to understand and analyse IP/network elements
  • Problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft software
  • Ability to work in a team and to prioritize workload
  • Interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Knowledge of Dutch, French and English is mandatory